1- Google EAT Score 

EAT is an abbreviation of Experience, Authority, and Trust. Google wants all these three factors to be in the content. 


The experience that readers get from your content is now a ranking factor. Beware, no more fluff, and generic content will work. Try to incorporate content that satisfies the pain point of your audience. For that, you need to research the audience, stay relevant to the topic, and provide useful information. 


Don’t compromise in making your site highly authoritative. It means there should be no gap in updating fresh and knowledgeable content. Likewise, getting cited by other authoritative sites is a good sign. 


Your content should reflect the first-hand experience of the author. It means that besides having a good tone, it should reflect the author’s core knowledge about the subject. 

2- Structured Data 

Another trending tactic is the use of structured data. Website owners are trying their best to make search engines understand the content of their web pages. For this, structured data is highly useful. It translates the content into codes through Since search engines easily comprehend the coded language, they use the content to show the search results. 

3- Video Content 

Among other visuals, videos have become increasingly popular. Be it a social media platform or a website, brands are incorporating more and more videos. The core reason is to boost engagement, increase visibility, and attract more leads. 

You must have seen explainer videos with short, simple, and informative content. The sole purpose of these videos is marketing. Since users see before they read, video content gets more visibility. 

4- Author’s Authority 

With the rise of content AI tools, it has become essential to produce more human-like content. Google wants to make sure that real humans create the content. Besides focusing on more natural and unique content, SEO experts are now giving prime importance to the author’s authority. 

Here are a few useful strategies for it: 

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